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  • A range of over 100 different custom fit silencers to ensure we always have the right one for your requirements
  • 8 different bore sizes of tube to give you however much breathing space you need.
  • A state of the art hydraulic pipe bending machine to arrange pipes wherever you want them.
  • An extensive range of tailpipes to finish off the creation in an individual and aesthetically pleasing way
  • The Powerflow range of products is as boundless as your imagination
  • We can fabricate customised, performance and standard systems to your requirements! Please call us or click on the contact us button and we will call you.

Technical Information

Powerflow produces one of the worlds finest ranges of custom build stainless steel components. The design of the Powerflow exhaust system can be traced back to the company's roots as a manufacturer of one-off performance exhaust systems. Wherever possible, a Powerflow exhaust is designed to deliver an improvement in engine output and performance whilst still meeting required noise criteria.


Actual performance gains will vary from vehicle to vehicle. In tests carried out on a Citroen Saxo VTR by 'REVS' magazine a gain of +4.4 Bhp was gained and compared to other well known brands its was the highest gain of all systems tested. The figures for The Powerflow system also produced a better torque improvement than its nearest rival. The gains on a Turbo car or in conjuction with an ECU remap will provide even better gains from a Powerflow Exhaust.


All systems use only 304 grade (non-magnetic) stainless tubing and tailpipes. The performance, appearance and lifetime warranty are identical on all silencer choices.Silencers are produced using the most modern weld free techniques - all seams are mechanically formed to minimise material damage caused by welding.

Standard Systems

If you are not looking for a performance improvement or exhaust, dont worry we cater for all standard system repalcements and repairs also.


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